Estekhara Prayer Works

October 31, 2009

So i stayed up all night to catch the lecture today morning. At the end when i was like 30 minutes to go, i felt tired. So i prayed Estekhara to decide going or to cancel the plan. I almost promised some collagues that i will be recording the lecture to be released on facebook but this didn’t prevent me from falling asleep after the prayer.

Woke up a little late and went back to my iPhone Programming book. Then later tonight i found out that the electricity was cut in the lecture hall and they had no lecture for today. Postponed to tomorrow they said.

I just thank God for not wasting my day by going to Zagazig which could have taken my whole day.


Am I going to Sharm?

October 29, 2009

So i woke up a bit late. Showered. Then went back to my iphone programming learning book.

When i checked my mail i found that Prof. Ahmed El-Gohary replied to my mail telling me to contact the Nile Conference Center to register in SONA and told me to fill the application on NGE website… and i did..

On the launch table, that was me saying “Do you want anything from Sharm?” expecting the same reply from my parents : “are you insane?.. traveling now in the middle of the exams?” instead, mom said : “when are you going?” there was a big pause by me for this unexpected reply.

Morad was thinking the same as me in that time.. looked at me and said: are you thinking what i am thinking that you are thinking what should be happening 😀 that was a complex sentence of him but i grabbed it.. we understand each other.

Did i mention that i twisted my ankle and fell in front of the mosque door?

Just woke up to find IBRO emails in my inbox. When i took a glance, i noticed the upcoming Conference/workshop in Sharm El-Shaikh this December. What brightened my day is that i found that we in egypt have a neuroscience group. Looks like they are a bunch of professors in Suez and Fayoum. The group is headed by Prof. Ahmed Gohar the Fayoum University President.

This is a good omen for my neuroscience career i am pursuing.. or hoping to start pursuing after i pass my exams – InshaAllah -.

Looks like i won’t be attending this conference because of my final exams.

Here are some interesting links:

The Conference page on IBRO:

Neuroscience Group of Egypt:

SONA page on IBRO: