Hello Adham!.. A Message From Germany

November 5, 2009

Hello Adham!
Ohhh wow! Yesterday I saw your profile by incident and
I thought that I should write to you. Today I was
searching for you again, but didn’t found you anymore.
Now I did by recovering my “last searches”. I’m quite

Okay, why? And Who I am?

I’d say I’m just someone, who’s interested in other
countries and cultures. :-)

Yesterday I saw that you wrote in your profile that
you’re an “practicing Muslim”. Really? You’re so
young and well, I’ve some questions. Hmm, I bet
you’ve much much to do and I bet you get tons of mails
every day, but maybe maybe you’ve a little time one day
and will write back to me!?

In Germany so many people are afraid of foreingers,
they are afraid of other religions and so many are very
racists. The thinking about Muslim is very negative.

Well, Adham, I was in Egypt before. I went from
Alexandria to the border of Sudan and I talked to so
many many extremely kind and friendly people, so I
know that so many things are not true!

And you know, I wanna be friendly and open, too.

I think we’ve to understand each other better. I mean
the countries and the religions.

And to understand something or someone you’ve to ask
and to ask. You agree?

So, hmmmm……. May I ask some things about being
Muslim? [I surely could ask many other people. BUT
like in Germany the most Christians don’t know about
their religion, most people don’t know toooo much about
the Cur’an for example. But to be honest they know much
much more than so called Christians about the Bible.]

– Do you know, if there’s a Sure in the Cur’an showing
why you shoudln’t eat blood? “God doesn’t like it!”, a
friend of mine said. Okay, but why? I also don’t eat
blood and I am sure that it’s holy for Allah, so we
shouldn’t eat it. Right?

– Today there was a newspaper article that Turkish
Muslims who died in Germany want to be burried in the
graveyard forever! But in normal German graveyards
you’re taken out after 20, 30 or 40 years.
So my question: Is it true that you’ve to be burried
forever? I mean….. What about “being burnt”? Not
good? And if so, why? And erm, you’ve the chance to
come to paradise after death, right? But you don’t
have your normal human body anymore, so why is it
important what will happen with it?

Ohhhhh, there was a third ‘deeper’ question…… I
don’t remember it, sorry. Maybe next time I know

Ohh, maybe another one I was thinking about: Erm…..
I know it’s strange to talk about religion, but well, I
hope you are also open and will answer me. Okay: How do
Muslims see other religions? Do Non-Muslims have a
chance to come to paradise?

Asham, sorry for pestering you…..

Maybe you’ll never write back to me, ’cause you might
think I’m a strange guy. Okay, maybe I am, but I really
wish to know more. YOu know, for better understanding
and for being able to be something like a “bridge” and
to explain many things to others, too.

I’d be really happy to hear from you!

1000 best wishes and many many greetings



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