Finally i got enrolled in Apple iPhone Developer Program. I got the chance to test my first application on my iphone. The graphics were nice but the performance was disappointing. I am now reading about CodeData to switch to instead of SQLite. Seems it will be faster, easier and less coding.

Also, i sent the payment to Nile Conference Center. Haven’t received any response from them. Mailed them again and still.

Tomorrow i will be calling them and try to be angry as i will be purchasing the flight tickets soon inshAllah.



November 10, 2009

I have been trying to solve a problem in coding my first iPhone app. I have been doing this for two  days.

and at a desperate moment when i was trying to remove my mess here and there from the code, i made a mistake that actually did the trick and made everything perfect 😀


Estekhara Prayer Works

October 31, 2009

So i stayed up all night to catch the lecture today morning. At the end when i was like 30 minutes to go, i felt tired. So i prayed Estekhara to decide going or to cancel the plan. I almost promised some collagues that i will be recording the lecture to be released on facebook but this didn’t prevent me from falling asleep after the prayer.

Woke up a little late and went back to my iPhone Programming book. Then later tonight i found out that the electricity was cut in the lecture hall and they had no lecture for today. Postponed to tomorrow they said.

I just thank God for not wasting my day by going to Zagazig which could have taken my whole day.